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Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! As you prepare to bring new life into this world you deserve all the pampering available. In 2020, we established our family owned and operated private ultrasound & pregnancy spa in hopes of providing the expecting mothers of Wisconsin a chance to embrace their pregnancy to the fullest while also helping relieve the aches & pains that may come along with it. Upgrade any Ultrasound to an Ultrassage by adding on a Prenatal Massage before or after your scan!

Ultrasound Appleton, WI

At You Kiss We Tell, we are a group of professionals providing private ultrasounds that focus exclusively on producing pregnancy fun. We provide 2D, 3D, 4D & 5D/HD ultrasounds as well as early gender determination and other ultrasound services that help an expecting mother bond with her baby without hesitation. We are pregnancy enthusiasts to say the least. We are fascinated by the miracle of life and want to share that fascination with anyone who will let us. Does he have his mommy’s nose? Her daddy’s smile? Who does your baby look like? Book a private ultrasound appointment today to find out!

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DNA Gender Test

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Pregnancy Services Appleton, WI

Popular Services


plus taxes

Heartbeat Ultrasound


6-39 weeks

5-10 minute 2D scan

4 Black & White Printed Images

Free Ultrasound Live Stream

View and listen to your baby's heartbeat as early as 6 weeks

$10 off Gender Reveal Ultrasound

Three-dimensional molecule on blue-viole

SneakPeek DNA Gender Test

plus taxes


6-39 weeks

10-15 minute appointment

Results next business day

Meet with licensed phlebotomist

Find out your baby's gender
as early as 6 weeks

50% off Heartbeat Ultrasound

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plus taxes



6-39 weeks

starting at

Ultrasound & Prenatal Massage

Digital images & recording

Stretch Mark Therapy

Upgrade any Ultrasound to an

Ultrassage and Save $49

50 or 80-minute massage




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