Baby Gender DNA Test

Along with our ultrasound services, we offer baby gender DNA tests.  


How It Works 

These tests are often referred to as noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT for short) because they can be done with a simple and quick blood drawing from the mother. When a woman is pregnant, pieces of her baby’s DNA circulate through her bloodstream. By taking a blood sample from the mother, it’s possible to tell the gender of her baby by checking for the presence or absence of a Y chromosome in the baby’s DNA.  


NIPTs can reveal your baby’s gender earlier than you’d find out with a typical ultrasound gender reveal. Normally, you need to wait for your baby to grow enough for their physical traits to be visible in an ultrasound, but a baby gender DNA test can be completed much earlier in the pregnancy. Also, your doctor or hospital may perform a diagnostic ultrasound for health and wellness reasons as well as chromosomal screenings.  


How We Can Help  

At You Kiss We Tell, we focus on the fun parts of pregnancy and ultrasounds. If you’re interested in revealing your baby’s gender earlier than normal with our baby gender DNA tests just for the fun of it, because you’re excited to share your exciting news with family and friends, or because you just want to be able to plan accordingly, reach out to us! We can answer your questions and get you scheduled for an appointment if you call us at 920-840-0536. If we are unable to answer or you need to contact us outside of our business hours, you can fill out a form on our Contact page.  


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