Gender Reveal Ultrasound

Learn about the methods of gender reveal we offer here at You Kiss We Tell in Appleton, Wisconsin.  


Gender Reveal Ultrasounds 

One of the services we perform here at You Kiss We Tell in Appleton, WI, is gender reveal ultrasounds. We can do these tests as early as 14 weeks into pregnancy, while most hospitals and doctor’s offices offer this service only at 20 weeks. We offer photos, an area for small children to play, and live streams for family members.      


Gender Reveal Blood Tests 

Simple, quick, and noninvasive blood tests are available for women who would like to know the gender of their baby as early as 14 weeks. When a woman is pregnant, parts of her baby’s DNA flow through her bloodstream. By taking a sample of the mother’s blood, we can determine the gender of the baby by checking for the absence or presence of a Y chromosome in the DNA. These tests can also be used to check for chromosomal conditions of a baby, but these sorts of determinations and tests can be performed only by your doctor.  


Learn More About Our Services 

At You Kiss We Tell, we’re dedicated to safe ultrasounds and the fun parts of pregnancy, like sharing with your family and friends and getting to see glimpses of your baby with clear images. If you have questions about any of our services, including our gender reveal ultrasounds and blood tests, feel free to reach out to us during our business hours at 920-840-0536. If you’re unable to reach us, you can always fill out a form on our Contact page, and one of our friendly and experienced staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.

To view our package and pricing options for services like gender testing, ultrasound photo prints, customized heartbeat jewelry, live streaming, and more, visit our Services page.