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PEMF Therapy Appleton, WI

PEMF Therapy Services

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At You Kiss We Tell Ultrasound our PEMF Therapy sessions are a powerful holistic approach to healing, recovery and providing an excellent source of preventative care for your entire being, both mentally and physically. This therapy will have you discover health and wellness in a way you've never experienced before. Don't just take our word for it, do your own research or book an appointment today to come try it out firsthand.

8-minutes per day could change your life! PEMF Therapy sends electromagnetic energy throughout your body working with the natural electromagnetic fields produced by our body's cells to improve overall health. It is a similar, more direct source of electromagnetic energy produced by a forest full of trees or the very earth that we walk on. This therapy allows your cells to receive increased electrolytes and ions correcting cellular dysfunction throughout the entire body increasing circulation for natural healing to take place. This is an excellent, highly recommended alternative to traditional postpartum/recovery medicines. Enjoy physical and mental health healing at the same time in a safe, natural way with our Bemer PEMF Machine.

PEMF Therapy for postpartum has massive benefits whether it be a vaginal birth or a C-section. Simply put, it will help get your body and hormones back in balance after pregnancy and childbirth. Contact us here with questions or Book online.

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PEMF Therapy

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2 sessions for $65

5 sessions for $150

10 sessions for $279

20 sessions for $500

Recharge your body on a cellular level to enhance health & wellness

Pair with a massage - up to $40 off

PEMF Treatment Appleton, WI

PEMF treatment therapy is a technology that uses electromagnetic fields to stimulate the cells in your body. PEMF therapy typically consists of pulsed magnetic fields, which are applied at specific frequencies and intensities to affect the cell's metabolism. It's been proven effective for treating conditions such as acute pain, muscle injury and inflammation, chronic pain, and various diseases such as cancer, postpartum recovery and much more. PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation. It uses an electromagnetic field to increase blood flow to the area being treated. The increased blood flow helps the body heal by bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the area while removing toxins that build up over time. We have treatments available in Appleton WI with no waiting list. Call now or book your appointment online!

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Therapy safe?

PEMF therapy is a noninvasive, drug-free and holistic treatment that stimulates cells to heal on their own. The type of PEMF therapy used is gentle and safe for all ages, including baby's and children. PEMF therapy treatment for chronic conditions or physical trauma can improve recovery time by up to 80%. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a safe, FDA-approved and scientifically proven treatment. 

Benefits of PEMF Therapy

  • Holistic Treatment

  • Scar Healing

  • Pain Relief

  • Higher Quality Sleep

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Postpartum Depression

  • Increase Energy

  • Increase Circulation

  • Reduce Stress

  • Increase Bone Healing

  • Enhance Muscle Function

  • Natural Recovery

  • Increase Physical Performance

  • Increase Mental Performance

  • Correcting Cellular Dysfunction

  • Preventative Care


What does PEMF therapy do?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a form of electromagnetic radiation that can be used for various treatments. It has been shown to have many benefits, such as pain relief, increased circulation, increased energy, increased productivity, increased neuron function among many other things. PEMF treatment devices create short and intense electric pulses that stimulate cells and tissues throughout the body by inducing an electric current in the cells. These impulses are safe for humans because they do not produce heat and do not have any side effects on human tissue or organs. PEMF therapy is an effective holistic medical treatment that heals the body and promotes general health and wellness. It's been used in the treatment of cancer and arthritis, postpartum healing, bone healing, depression, and much more. When a person first starts using this type of device, they may feel tingling sensations from the stimulation that will eventually fade away over time. 

PEMF Therapy for Postpartum

Traditionally, doctors recommend new moms to follow a one-size-fits-all postoperative care plan. It is all about having plenty of rest to let the body heal after a C-section, avoiding lifting heavy objects, and sticking to a healthy diet. But that is hardly helpful for your post-op abdominal and back pain. After talking to your healthcare provider about it, you may be prescribed some medications to ease the symptoms. However, taking Ibuprofen is not the only (and not the most effective) way to get pain relief after cesarean procedures. If you don’t want to take pain relievers and are concerned about their effects on your milk supply, our PEMF treatment sessions may be your best bet. When used properly and directed accurately, electromagnetic fields can provide you with partial to complete pain relief after a cesarean section. The idea lies in increasing blood oxygen levels and drug-free stimulation of the healing process. Numerous studies have been carried out over the last years to determine the effects of this therapy. After a series of PEMF therapy sessions, those women who have delivered their babies through incisions report significant relief of post-op contractions and swelling. The regular use of electromagnetic stimulation is also said to reduce scarring and help with postpartum depression, making mood swings less frequent. More importantly, PEMF therapy can be used instead of medications, and it doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding.

Although women may experience it differently, there’s no denying that labor is associated with unbearable pain. What is worse is that it’s unlikely to go away even after giving birth. Because your body goes through a series of intense contractions during labor, you may feel abdominal pain for the next 5 to 6 weeks (or longer if complications occur). Do not disregard discomfort in your back, either. Carrying a baby inside for 9 months will have its toll on how you feel after everything is over, as well.

Do not take it the wrong way. Vaginal births also entail a range of unpleasant symptoms, including uterine discharge, tender breasts, and hormone-related hair loss. But surgical deliveries through incisions require more long-term after-cesarean-operation care because of a variety of factors including:

Post-op contractions: These are a sort of afterpain that feels much like menstrual cramps. Abdominal contractions often occur within the first week after a C-section.

Pain with urination: Having trouble urinating is a common symptom after non-vaginal childbirth. If that’s your case, you need routine postoperative care after a cesarean section.

Scars: With the newest incision technologies, C-section scars are now less visible than they were before. That said, they still cause moms to feel down about their appearance.

Mood swings: Many find post-labor baby blues normal. But those women who have undergone C-deliveries report more frequent mood changes, which is why effective care is necessary.

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How often can you do PEMF therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a gentle and safe form of treatment that can be used every day to relieve pain and improve health. Typically, should not be repeated more than once per day due to the amount of time it takes for the cells to repair themselves without overstimulation.

Learn More About PEMF


PEMF therapy is a safe holistic approach to health but there is one absolute contraindication. Patients with electrical implants should not use pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices. This includes devices such as pacemakers and insulin pumps. The danger is that the electromagnetic pulses used in PEMF therapy could interfere with the device and cause failure.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is relatively contraindicated in patients who have undergone organ transplants. After an organ transplant, it’s possible for the recipient’s immune system to identify the donor organ as foreign. The recipient’s body actually rejects the organ. One of the benefits of PEMF therapy is improved immune response, so PEMF therapy is contraindicated in organ transplant patients. PEMF therapy is not recommended for women who are pregnant. This is due to a lack of research rather than evidence of harm. If you do not have electrical implants, you are not an organ transplant patient, and you are not pregnant, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can improve your overall health and quality of life.

Why Choose You Kiss We Tell Ultrasound

As you recover from bringing new life into this world you deserve all the care available. In 2020, we established our family owned and operated 3D/4D Ultrasound & Pregnancy Spa in hopes of providing the expecting mothers of Wisconsin with a chance to embrace their pregnancy to the fullest while also helping relieve the aches and pains that may come during or after. At You Kiss We Tell, we are a group of professionals committed to assisting and easing our client's pains that come from the array of pregnancy transformations in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Our prenatal/postnatal message and PEMF therapy services are individually tailored to each client's needs, ensuring that they receive the most effective treatment possible. There are certain parts of pregnancy that the mother can only understand by listening to her own body. Yet, because each postpartum journey is unique, there are benefits of PEMF Therapy that are crucial to promoting a quick, healthy recovery. The compassion that is a hallmark of our pregnancy center is felt throughout any one of our services. Call now or book online!

Learn More About Our Services

For more information visit our info page. We are a group of professionals dedicated to making ultrasounds a wonderful experience by focusing on the fun parts of pregnancy while including your family and friends. Come see glimpses of your baby with the clearest ultrasound images technology has to offer. We offer photos, recording, an area for small children to play, and live streams for family members who aren't able to make it to the appointment. If you have questions about any of our services, including our Gender Reveal Ultrasound, 3D/4D/HD Ultrasound, 6-week Heartbeat Ultrasound and Prenatal Massages feel free to reach out to us during our business hours at 920-840-0536. If you’re unable to reach us, you can always fill out a form on our Contact Us page, and one of our friendly and experienced staff members will get back to you as soon as possible. To view our pricing for ultrasound and early gender determination services like Heartbeat Animals, extra ultrasound photo prints, customized pregnancy heartbeat jewelry, live streaming, and more, visit our Services page.

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