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The Art of Ultrasound: Have You Met Your Baby Yet?

Pregnancy is quite the adventure - filled with joy, chef-quality cravings and undoubtedly, a few unknowns. Even more, it includes an exciting bonding opportunity for parents: ultrasounds! Have you met your baby yet?

Check out our heartbeat animals while briefly waiting for your ultrasound.
Waiting Room & Heartbeat Animals

At You Kiss We Tell Ultrasound, our highly trained technicians will capture beautiful memories for you. Like a work of art, the screen is the canvas, and your baby is the masterpiece! During the ultrasound, take a peek at your baby's squishy cheeks and cute button nose, catch a glimpse of a little yawn and take in every wiggle. Parenthood is celebrated alongside you and we're here to provide the most memorable keepsakes. While the ultrasounds we offer are elective, they are safe and gentle. There are a variety of ultrasound packages available, which start at $69, that make this special experience affordable.

Private ultrasound studio in Appleton, WI.
Ultrasound Room

Along with affordability, we pride ourselves on our relaxing, anxiety-free office environment and personalized service. Live stream your ultrasound for family afar or bring guests with you to share the moment. We offer an exclusive Sketch the Screen activity for siblings to draw what they see - giving them a fun way to get excited about the baby's arrival, too! From the moment you walk in the door, your visit is about you. We enjoy making this a one-on-one experience, unlike the rush feel of a doctor's office. Sit back and relax in our private imaging suite and get ready to see your bundle of joy! Best of all, we offer appointments daily from 9am-9pm because you should see your baby on your schedule! We look forward to meeting you and your baby!

To schedule an appointment click here or call us at (920) 840-0536.


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