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Stretch Mark Therapy

Preventative care for pregnancy stretch marks

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Our stretch mark therapy is a safe and effective way to prevent or minimize your scars during pregnancy. We combine our prenatal or postnatal massage therapy with our own proprietary blend of all-natural creams and oils. Our therapy increases elasticity and moisturizes your skin to prevent or reduce pregnancy and previous stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused by stretching of the skin and are a completely natural part of pregnancy. It is important to remember that almost 90% of pregnant women get stretch marks and there is nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you want to prevent or reduce the impact of pregnancy scars on your skin you can receive our Stretch Mark Therapy to do just that!

This service is an add-on to our prenatal/postnatal massage therapy.

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Stretch Mark Therapy


Prenatal massage

Postnatal massage

Add on stretch mark therapy

Prevent & heal pregnancy marks

Pair your massage with any ultrasound for up to $20 off 

All-natural stretch mark oil & cream

Benefits of our Stretch Mark Therapy

  • Prevention

  • Improves Appearance

  • Healing

Stretch mark therapy with massaging can have a profound effect in stretch mark prevention and healing. Massage increases blood circulation, which helps your skin receive nutrients faster, while the stretch mark oil and cream keeps the skin hydrated. Medical professionals often recommend massage after surgery or for anyone who wants to get rid of a scar.

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Stretch Mark Treatment Appleton, WI

We begin by your choice of massage while gently applying our oil and cream. Making sure we take the time to massage the product into your skin as this has shown to be more effective in preventing and healing stretch marks. The oil itself is known to prevent or speed up the healing process as well as promote collagen turnover in wounds. As a result, it can reduce inflammation and overall impact that the stretch marks have on your skin. Keeping your skin as hydrated as possible is key to preventing or fading pregnancy stretch marks. Here at You Kiss We Tell Ultrasound we use only all natural and organic stretch mark creams and oils.


Please arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment, arriving late shortens the length of your message or ultrasound. We do not claim to fully prevent or remove pregnancy stretch marks and you may still get them after getting our stretch mark treatment. We require you to be under prenatal care with an OBGYN or Midwife to receive our elective pregnancy ultrasounds and DNA blood test services. A simple email, previous ultrasound or anything indicating you are under prenatal care will qualify.

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks typically form for one or two reasons: due to weight gain or loss, and pregnancy. There are three approaches to stretch mark treatment: topical treatments, laser therapy, and surgery. A stretch mark is caused by the formation of a blister on the surface layer of skin. The blister causes a scar which is not able to retract back into the skin which leaves behind an indentation in its wake consisting only of thinned out skin tissue. 

Treating Stretch Marks

The most effective way for people who have had children may be through using creams and oils keeping the skin as moisturized as possible. These stretch mark creams and oils work by reducing elasticity and healing the damaged skin tissue. During pregnancy stretch mark creams should be applied as often as necessary, but it is important to read instructions before applying to avoid any negative reactions or allergic reactions.

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