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Pregnancy Journey Bundle

Our Pregnancy Journey Bundle is a 4-ultrasound package deal that spans across the entire length of your pregnancy and saves you $242 over buying them separately. This includes a heartbeat ultrasound around 6 weeks, a gender reveal ultrasound around 14 weeks and two 30-minute 3D/4D/HD Ultrasounds. We recommend doing one at 26 weeks and one at 32 weeks for the best images of your baby. This package also comes with our add-ons including:

  • Black and white photos

  • Digital images sent to your phone or email

  • Recording of ultrasound sent to your phone or email

  • Large Heartbeat Stuffed Animal (at gender reveal appointment)

  • Colored photos (4 photos for each 3D/4D/HD Appointment)

  • Ultrasound live stream for family and friends 

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